Einarsson fly fishing

I met Einarsson in 2008 to work on some design for packaging their exclusive fly fishing reels. 

We ended up collaborating on my masters thesis were I explored the development of product strategies and unified design systems for their products.  

Design & Strategy

I set off to understand how the brand might be perceived on different levels and how to build the product portfolio to support the company vision.


Einarsson delivers high-quality products aimed at the environmentally conscious fly-fishers . We agreed on keeping sustainability and responsible fishing as a guiding light through the process.

Reading the water.

Any avid fly-fisher knows that an understanding of the waters is the key to the catch.  The project kicked off with a thorough look at the market and the players. My goal here was to realize the power dynamics within the segment and to map how current brands gained traction and managed retention. 

I also took a look at parallel markets where I found similarities in the target customer, scale or brand vision. This gave a good picture of possible strategies that had not been played out in the flyfishing segment yet. 


Knowing the fish.

A deep understanding of the user’s motivation is key to developing a good strategy.  I decided to use this project to explore the use of personas in a meaningful way. 

My approach was to interview a number of fly fishers to gather insight into how they approached the products they used and what guided their gear acquisition. Both within fly fishing and parallel segments. I found that the way customers define themselves within a part of their live is likely mirrored across other aspects.

I condensed these interviews into a few personas I could refer to throughout the process with clear interests and behavioural patterns.

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