Snorri Valdimarsson

I am a product designer with a deep interest in how we interact with the world around us, be it physical, digital or service. 

As a kid I always loved building and designing stuff, using my mothers drafting table and my fathers tools. Later computers came along and I got introduced to pixels and code. I realised my passion for the human interaction part of the design-sphere while working as multimedia programmer in early 2000s.

I have always taken a holistic approach to design and love working with the many aspects of our world, physical and beyond. I am especially driven the way people interact and sense our surroundings and have kept focus on the human experience throughout the projects I have been involved with.


I joined Think Outside in 2018 as a product designer to work on the casing for the ski mounted radar sensor. Since then I have taken a more complete role as a product lead and have been responsible for defining the digital products, UX design and gathering product insights.

Studio Fres was startet within the walls of Marineholmen Makerspace as a way to gather the expertise of the skilled individuals that where working there. 

I built the Salt ski brand out of my passion for skiing and making things. 

See more about Salt Ski co. here

I was responsible for designing, prototyping and testing cable protection solutions for offshore wind farms. 

ÖK Hull / Rafnar is on a mission to make boats more effective and comfortable with an innovative hull shape. 

I joined the startup as one of the very first employees, tasked with bringing shape to the ideas. My role quickly evolved to include building and leading a design team, prototyping and testing as well as managing multiple development projects.

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