Getting the product right.

Creating a great product is all about understanding the context the product will live in, the market, the brand, and the needs of different stakeholders.  The features, aesthetics, and functions only matter when each piece of the puzzle falls into place. 


I have more often then not taken on the task of defining the value and message of the products I have been involved in. Throughout a wide range of projects I have developed intuition and insight into what turns an idea into a great product. 


Einarson Fly fishing

Einarsson fly fishing I met Einarsson in 2008 to work on some design for packaging their exclusive fly…

Sknow Product journey

A case study on the product development process for the Sknow sensor and software.

Salt ski company

Mixing business and pleasure In 2016 I had the opportunity to make one of my hobbies into a…

Rafnar Yachts

Boat guy From 2009 to 2012 i was part of what would later became Rafnar ( I joined…

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